Motorcycle Helmets Maintenance Tips

Motorcycle helmets are made to be durable, however that isn’t to say they are completely invincible. In fact, if you don’t treat crash helmets right you can considerably shorten their lifespan as well as causing superficial or structural damage.

Here are some tips for maintaining your motorcycle helmet:

It might be s simple thing, but the way you carry your helmet when it’s not on your head really matters. You shouldn’t carry the helmet by the chin strap as you could cause damage and reduce the helmet’s overall effectiveness. You can get specialised bags for carrying your helmet in a less damaging way.

A helmet makes a neat little receptacle, right? Well actually if you carry things inside your helmet you can cause damage. It’s common for bikers to carry their gloves in their helmet however sweat from the gloves can damage the helmet’s inner lining.

It’s obviously very important to clean your helmet as a build up of dirt can overtime corrode the outer shell. You should only using cleaning products that are designed for helmets however and using products like bleach or kitchen cleaners could damage its structural integrity.

On the subject of cleaning, you don’t have to do it too often and once a year will suffice. Over cleaning could damage your helmet, however so could a build up of dirt or grease. When cleaning the lining of your helmet remove it if possible (many helmets have a removable lining these days.)

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