Learning To Drive In Paignton

The day is Thursday 20th of June, the big day, the day I have been looking forward to for a long time, today I have my first Driving Lesson at 945am.I have been getting excited about the thought of Driving for the first time since I booked my lessons with The Driving School south west, however all that excitement seems to have gone this morning and been replaced by fear!!

What if I get it all wrong? What if I hit the kerb? What if I crash!!!

Just then my phone rings and its Daniel my Driving Instructor. He explained that he rings all his new pupils an hour or so before their first lesson to have a chat and put them at ease in case they are feeling nervous, I am very glad he did.Daniel explained exactly what we were going to do on my first lesson and told me to visit their website and read the Driving Lesson Plans.

So I took Daniels advice and logged onto the website to take a look at The Driving Lesson plans. What a great idea, a simple step by step guide explaining how to drive a car. I read The Controls Lesson Plan first and it named all the main controls of the car, what they are called, what they do, and how and when you use them. I was starting to feel a bit more confident now. This whole learning to Drive thing didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be.

The Moving off and Stopping Lesson Plan was next, it all seemed fairly straight forward.You have to complete your cockpit drill (I learnt how to do that in The Controls Lesson Plan) start the car and then get ready to move off.

Getting ready means Preparation then Observation

Preparation – start the car, clutch down, select 1st gear, find biting point and put a little gas on.

Observation – look in your left door mirror 1st, road ahead and centre mirror, right door mirror and finally your right shoulder to check you blind spot.You then decide if you need to signal right, a signal is needed if there are any other road users in sight.Then you release the hand brake on you are off!!

The more I read the more confident I become, I think I can do this, I won’t get it all wrong, I won’t crash, and I won’t hit the kerb.Then I get a text from Daniel to say he is outside. I am still a bit nervous bit I am excited as well.So my first driving lesson is about to begin, I will let you know how I get on…

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