Going into Battle with RC Trucks

Ok, so whilst you might not want to go into a real-life battle zone armed with just petrol RC trucks (although, in some ways such small gadgets can indeed offer technical and strategic military advantages), using RC vehicles to go to war with friends who own similar vehicles could be both fun and in many ways educational.

In fact, one school in America has recently urged its pupils to use such petrol trucks to further their interest in scientific enquiry.

As we all know, we learn best when we are enjoying what we are doing, and the very best teachers will always make learning a fun process. Battling with monster trucks is something that allows individuals to get a better understanding of certain areas of physics, and to do so whilst very much enjoying the process.

Furthermore, learning what you can do to get better results from a petrol monster truck may help develop everything from dexterity and coordination to ingenuity and one’s understanding of mechanics. As such, there is much to be learnt from what, on the outside, may appear to be two small trucks trying to dominate a pit.

Those who love using any form of RC vehicle may also find that battling with petrol trucks allows them to improve their skills when they return to racing RC cars. Understanding how impact effects trajectory and how manoeuvring a vehicle in a certain way can give a tactical advantage is something that can be applied in any race one is later involved in.

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