Essentials For Trading CFDs: Identifying 5 Timeless Stocks

When trading CFDs to stocks, one of the most important elements that a trader needs to remember is timelessness. Traders have to be particular with this quality of stock to make sure that the company that they are with is not only legit but stable.  Despite your willingness to accept risks, dealing with a well known and legit company will make you feel secured in terms of profit delivery. For today’s post, we bring you 5 stocks that have proven themselves stable over the years.

5 Most Timeless Stocks in the Market

  1. HP Inc.

The very first HP company was established in 1939 and it has become famous and in demand as printers and computers also became famous among people. However, a sudden twist of fate occurred when they started to incorporate scientific instruments and semiconductors. After this, HP became less famous due to the establishment of newer computer companies but in 2015, HP was reestablished into two companies,HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Since then HP inc continued its legacy as a listed company in the New York stock Exchange since 1961.

  1. VISA

Initially known as BankAmericard credit card program in 1958, the card became famous to several clients all around the world so the Bank of America decided to change its name into VISA in 1976. At present, VISA is known as the largest processor of payments outside China. With regards to the company’s stock performance, said company opened its door to traders in March2008 and during these times, the stock has made almost $130B in wealth for shareholders. What is even more interesting is the fact that VISA shares remained upwards during the 2007-2009.

  1. Warner-Lambert

The company became owned by Pfizer a few years ago but prior to the change of ownership, Warner-Lambert, had an amazing performance in the market until the establishment of a drug called Lipitor which brought them fame but eventually turned them down in the end.Because of this incident, Warner-Lambert decided to team up with Pfizer to market the drug but because the drug was in demand in the market, Pfizer decided to buy Warner-Lambert in 2000.

  1. Verizon Communications

Being the largest wireless provider of the United States, Verizon which used to be called  Bell Atlantic, has aggressively expanded. The massive expansion made them acquire AOL and yahoo. Over the years, Verizon is able to maintain a steady share price and this effect is enough to prove that the company is very credible as far as dividend is concerned.

  1. McDonald’s

This famous fast food chain also made it to our list because of its outstanding output in the market shares. As per record, McDonalds has  a lifetime creation amounting to $178.3 billion. Since August 1966 up to December 2016, the restaurant company has an annualized return of 17.9%. Nowadays, the company still continues its quest to create healthy food in order to compete with other restaurants that offer menu for health buffs.


 There are also other companies that can be considered stable in the market and we suggest that a person who is into trading CFDs should also try to seek for the rest of the companies to expand both his portfolio and trading background.