Demand for ID cards may rise among small firms

Custom ID cards play an important role in many organisations. It can be almost impossible for companies to effectively control who enters and leaves their premises without the use of these items.

When firms are particularly busy and are using contractors or taking on new members of staff, these objects can be particularly crucial.

It seems demand for ID cards may be on the rise among enterprises in the UK. According to research conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), confidence among small firms is at a three-year high. Its latest Small Business Index reached 15.9 points during the second quarter of this year, which was 9.6 points higher than at the start of 2013 and was the second highest reading since the Index began in 2010.

Financial services firms reported the highest confidence levels, while small manufacturers were also more optimistic about their prospects. Meanwhile, more firms expect to increase staffing levels in the coming months. This may mean bosses are more likely to invest in new ID badge maker devices.

Responding to the findings, FSB national chairman John Allan said: “After five consecutive quarters of year-on-year growth, confidence is moving in the right direction. Small firms want to employ more people and grow their business. They want to export and expect turnover levels to increase. This is all good news.”

However, he added that there is no place for complacency, stating: “While there are positive signs, inflation and not being able to access finance will affect how quickly, and how much, small firms can grow and create jobs.”

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