Bodyguard Services London – The Duties Of A Bodyguard

When considering contracting a bodyguard service in London, the top question that arises in the minds of clients is about the duties and responsibilities of bodyguards just so they are sure their security needs can be covered by a guard as such.

The major duty of a bodyguard is to ‘prevent’ crimes and violence in the first place. Unlike what the police officers and other similar bodies that act usually after a crime has occurred, bodyguards are meant to be proactive and keep these incidents from occurring at all. Bodyguard services in London do and should train the guards to be willing to go a few extra miles in crisis and whenever needed. They should be able to proactively take help (calling the police, fire brigade etc.) and do whatever it takes to protect the Principle. And this is what the guards at Westminster Security UK are trained for so you might consider them for expert body guarding services in London.

For a deeper insight of how a bodyguard should behave, here are a few roles and responsibilities of bodyguards that collectively result in the protection of the people they watch for.

A bodyguard should:

Make their presence obvious (depending on the mission)

The conduct and gestures of a bodyguard should differ from common men enough for people to identify him as security. It is the appearance of bodyguards which plays an important role in deterring crimes and criminals. If a wrongdoer gets to an executive or celebrity without noticing their bodyguard being there, the bodyguard fails there and then. Even the research proves that burglars, muggers, attackers, murderers, and all other criminals are compelled to step back or at least think twice before attempting to intrude where there are bodyguards. The approach changes when the principle is a public figure for instance and the close protection should be kept unobtrusive.

Be high on guard

That’s what the bodyguards are contacted for! They must always stay vigilant and notice even the smallest things that are happening around their Principle. He should have strong senses to identify the signs of potential incidents before they occur.

Notice and React Quickly

The job of a bodyguard is not only to sense and identify existing and potential hazards but also to be quick in reacting the appropriate way. How a bodyguard thinks of reacting to a threat tell all about how efficient they are.

Be Proactive

During potentially life threatening situations (such as attacks with lethal weapons or armed robbery attempts), a security guard may be unable to handle the situation. In such a scenario, they would need some back up support, and should not waste any time in calling for law enforcement help. By getting help this way, loss of lives or property would be averted.

Be Welcoming

Apart from all the tough duties, bodyguards are also meant to receive guests for their Principle but it shouldn’t forego the purpose of their existence. Yes, bodyguards are assigned this duty so that they can use their senses and virtually scan through each and every visitor to ensure there are no harms one might be intending to cause to the Principle. Nonetheless, they should be welcoming, approachable, and very helpful to whoever visits.

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