Attracting the right tenants to a London property

Any landlord with a portfolio of central London apartments will be aware that finding the right tenant is far from an easy task. Even though most apartments in the area are at the higher end of the market, the sheer diversity of the capital will ensure that tenants of all types will be attracted to them. A landlord can make this an easier proposition by bringing the right letting agent on board.

A simple online search for ‘estate agents in London’ brings back millions of hits, which at first seems daunting. However, this is straightforward to whittle down to just a few before making the final choice. It is worthwhile visiting them in person. Of course, the knowledge of the area is vitally important, but so are things such as their attitude and appearance; the letting agent represents the landlord, and as such, their ability to make a favourable first impression is vital when it comes to securing a quality tenant.

Organisation is also a key component. It’s fitting that a landlord should be prompt when it comes to resolving financial issues, or everyday things such as repairs that will inevitably need to be carried out. Micro-managing these aspects can become a burden as a portfolio increases, but estate agents can take care of this heavy lifting.

Lastly, a letting agent will protect the landlord’s investment. This doesn’t begin and end with selecting the right tenant – a reputable agent will keep an inventory of any furnishings, and hold a tenant to their responsibility to look after the property.

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