What Exactly Are Conveyancing Solicitors?

If you are a home buyer or seller, you would need help from an experienced conveyancing solicitor. Conveyancing includes managing the entire documentation process, including legal transfers and land ownership deeds. You might perform conveyancing on your own, but it is not at all recommended as the process is really complicated. Anything related to property needs to be done with accuracy and hence it is the best decision to go for experienced professionals.

You can hire conveyancing solicitors in Essex from any reputed legal firm or sole practice when you are buying or selling a property. They can perform a wide range of tasks according to your needs.

Contract Handling

It is one of the most important tasks performed by the solicitors. Depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller, conveyancing solicitors in Essex will prepare and manage all the contracts related to the property.

Legal Advice

Apart from managing all the legal works associated with the property, they will also advise you about different property decisions. From stipulating any special terms on the contracting to reading out the deed prepared by the other party, they will work to protect your rights.

Local Council Searches

If you are a buyer, the seller is obliged to inform you about certain things like any kind of defect in the property, before signing the contract. However, they might not always do this legally and hence searches bear a lot of importance. You would get answers to all the questions related to the property.

Land Registry Or Registry Of Deeds

There are two types of document transfers when it comes to property transactions, namely Land Registry or Registry of Deeds. Your solicitor would know the right choice for you and carry out the necessary checks accordingly.

Fund Transfer

Once the buyer agrees to purchase a property, they might send a token amount to the buyer to book it. Now, on the day of property transfer, the seller will receive the full amount whereas the buyer would receive the key. This whole process would be legally monitored by a conveyancing solicitor.

There are several consequences if you do not hire a conveyancing solicitor and try to perform the entire documentation process on your own, like:

  • There would be risks of making costly mistakes.
  • There are chances of more disputes.
  • You might end up getting poor resale value.
  • You might fall prey to new legislation pitfalls.
  • You might not be able to complete a complex transaction efficiently.

A conveyancing solicitor basically helps to speed up the process of property transfer. They make liaison with your bank or mortgage provider for ensuring that all the conditions of the contracts are met before the due date. The whole process will be conducted in an easy and hassle-free way.