Top Helpful Tips For Better Dog Photography

Dogs are the most crucial part of any households and dog photography is the easiest way to keepsake their memories. Pet photography is becoming quite popular these days amongst the pet owners. Capturing photos of this furious pet is not easy as no dogs have little patience to sit still waiting for you to capture their photos. So, the dog photographer Essex makes use of their creativity to capture the most alluring and mesmerising photographs of your beloved dog. Below is a helpful guide on how to capture photos of your dog in a creative way. 

Catching the character of your dog

Dog photography takes deep meaning when it comes to capturing their unique character in pictures. The experienced dog photographers usually prefer capturing these photos in preferred spots or when they are enjoying their favourite pastime like snoozing on the porch or catching the Frisbee. So, before capturing the character of your dog, the photographers always look for the unique character of the dog and attempt to capture their uniqueness with their camera. 

Aiming their eyes

During the quiet moments of your dogs, after bedtime or eating, for example, you need to move close to capture some expressive and dramatic shots.  Experienced dog photographers make use of the standard lens with 50mm depth and zoom lens that can cover 28-70mm lengths. They turn on the mode dial to AV mode and choose the wide aperture for a blurred backdrop. They use the spot metering and focusing the eye clearly and avoid using flash for a softer look.   

Remember, uncluttered backdrop with neutral colouring is always ideal as it doesn’t distract you.

Including people in photos

Another good way to capture the photos of your dog in an elegant way is by including people in the photos. You can capture a simple portrait photo of the dog along with their owners. For the photos, you need to make use of the natural lighting outdoors and avoid using the flash of the camera which distracts the pets. 

For photographing outside, professional dog photographers make use of standard lens 50mm combined with shallow DOF which keeps the centre of the frame sharper. This enables the photographer to focus on the eyes clearly and capture amazing images. During dog photography, you need to be faster as this type of images may distract you, especially taken outside the house under natural lighting.

As mentioned earlier, photographers are required to avoid using the flash for capturing images of a dog. Flash is brighter and can be unnerving for your dog and even it can scare the animal and make then hide or get nervous easily. This can make dog photography difficult for you. Professional dog photographer Essex prefers capturing dog images in motion using fast shutter speed for better images.   

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