Tips To Help Choose The Best Parking Option at Airports

With there being a number of different car parking options offered by the car parks at the airports, choosing the best parking option would largely depend on the time-period for which you want to leave your car at the airport parking, the services you want to avail, and whether or not you have pre-booked your parking space. Parking at Birmingham airport has witnessed notable improvement of late, thanks to the development which the airport has undergone in the recent years.At the Birmingham airport, you can choose from between five main parking options, which include short stay parking; multi-storey medium stay parking; long stay parking; valet parking or ‘Meet and Greet’ service; and hotel parking. While choosing the best out of these five available airport parking options, you can keep the following points in mind:

Duration of Parking: Your selection of the best airport parking option will predominantly be dependent of the duration for which you will be availing the parking facility. If you will be staying at the airport for less than two hours, the short stay parking option will be the ideal choice for you while parking at Birmingham airport, where the £1.20 parking cost for the first half hour is comparatively much cheaper than most other airports.

However, if you want to leave your car for medium stay or long stay, you can select the requisite option, and pre-book your parking space to get the best deals in terms of parking costs.

The ‘convenience’ factor: Your selection of the best car parking option will also depend on the services which you wish to avail while parking your car at a specific car park. If ‘convenience’ is one of your top priorities while parking at Birmingham airport, you can go in for the ‘valet parking’ option. This option is ideal for people who are either travelling with a lot of luggage or with children.

The valet parking option conveniently allows you to leave all your parking-related problems with the ‘Meet and Greet’ representatives of the car park. You just have to hand over your car keys to them at a designated spot close to your terminal, and the car park chauffeurs take your car away for parking it at a safe place; and, they also bring it back for you when you return from your trip.

Safety of The Car: If you are going to remain constantly anxious about the safety of your car while leaving it at a car park when you are away on a holiday, the best airport parking option for you would be the one which assures you of the security of your parked car. Parking at Birmingham airport unfolds for you several car park options which offer a diverse range of services, especially from the ‘safety’ perspective of car parking.

To make sure that you are parking your car at a safe and secure place, you should choose a ‘Park Mark’ status car park which has the facility of round-the clock patrolling; close-circuit TV cameras; proper fencing of the car park boundary; and adequate arrangement for the lighting of the car parking area.

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