Skoda Superb Take on Hyundai Sonata

Skoda Superb is the perfect choice for the people who want a car, which is spacious yet stylish. Passat is another great option for them but it costs a little more and available in diesel variant only. However with the rising trend in the patrol price, diesel has become the default choice of the car buyers. For extra engine revs, quiet and smooth running at idle and sweet whine, you need to have a petrol variant along with turbocharged one, which is only available with Skoda Superb. With tough competition from new entries in Indian market, Skoda is trying their bit to keep up the pace. Hyundai Sonata is one such entry providing stiff competition of Skoda Superb.

You can see in the comparison between cars that Hyndai Sonata is considered to be better proportioned than Skoda Superb with its flowing glasshouse, a short boot and long hood. Superb looks disjointed while Sonata appears to be sculpted from one piece of metal. Talking about interior, Sonata is more appealing. Unlike Superb, it has slab-like design philosophy all around that includes aircon vents, general dashboard layout and centre console. Sonata is trendier in shape that appears to be more in-vogue and inviting. However, it does not look to be well furnished as there is no decent trip computer on board and touch screen audio. Hyundai even lacks in the operability, which should be a couple of notches higher than like the Verna. Space is another fact that keeps Superb over Sonata. Thought it does not have a lot more headroom or shoulder as compared to Sonata, but features usable knee room and boot space.

Talking about the seats, Hyundai gains one point here. Its seat are more comfortable than Skoda Superb especially the back seats. People who look for a car to be driven around in, Hyundai is the brilliant option for them. It has got cushier and supportive seats, which are cool, therefore, works great for summer days. The rear passengers get the audio controls on the central armrest with a set of cup holders. Unlike Hyundai Sonata, sun blinds are at par in Skoda Superb.

The comparison between cars shows that when the corners and the straight ends begin to come at blinding pace, Sonata starts to drop back. It lacks the dynamic prowess of the Skoda Superb. You go in an aggressive and fast way when turned into the corner with Skoda Superb as its settles down predictably. However, Sonata is considered to be the much better car than the Skoda Superb. It has got an impressive engine and you would fall in love the way it puts down its power. Hyundai Sonata is comfortable and appealing to eyes. Though Superb is more expensive, it is still a better car as its more usable, spacious, featuring comfortable and convenience features. You might have some issues with its service, but still Skoda rules over Hyundai. With the comparison between cars, you must have also drawn the conclusion that it is wiser to go for Skoda Superb instead of Hyundai Sonata.

John Wook, an auto expert by profession has a great passion for cars. He has published many articles on the web regarding the new, best, latest and upcoming cars in India. Here in this article, he has shown comparison between the cars  Skoda Superb and Hyundai Sonata.

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