Serviced Offices – An Excellent Choice for Small Businesses

For many small businesses, it can be difficult to make the leap from home-based to office-based. Renting an office can seem like an expensive, daunting step, particularly if it comes with a long lease. But, what other options do small businesses have?

On the surface, serviced offices can seem expensive and out of the reach of smaller businesses. However, in the long term, they can provide excellent value for money and give a small business everything they need to grow. Here are some of the benefits they offer to small business:


With serviced office rental, businesses aren’t tied into a long lease. Businesses have the option to downsize if they need to, or move to bigger premises as they grow. This flexibility can give small businesses the confidence they need to move into office space.

Easy to Budget

When renting an office space, businesses don’t only have to consider the cost of the rent. They also need to budget for the cost of electricity, heating, telephone line rental and Internet. With many serviced or managed offices, all these costs are included, so small businesses need only budget for one monthly outgoing.

Additional Facilities

All serviced offices are different, but many offer additional facilities that can be incredibly useful for small business. Some include office furniture in the cost of the monthly rent, while others include additional staff, like receptionists and secretaries. This can help a small business maintain a professional image while they are growing.

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