Security And Off Site Shredding

Information is a very costly thing in our world and in the wrong hands it can be used for the gain of the more unscrupulous elements in our society. It is however relatively simple to jumble up this information so that it is indecipherable with pieces of modern technology.

Typically these machines will cut the paper down to confetti-sized pieces so it becomes impossible to reassemble. On top of this, the paper is then ideally recycled to ensure that any lingering elements of information are completely destroyed.

The process is trustworthy, but what many companies have reservations about is the difference between on site and off site shredding. On site, the client can oversee the contracted companies actions and take an active role in how the sensitive information is dealt with, ensuring that every step is completely trustworthy. Of course, with the threat of litigation if any information does get out, this process should be infallible anyway.

The concerns come when engaging in offsite shredding where an information destruction facility could in theory be compromised. Either through intrusion or a lapse in security, this could be a problem.

The shredding company should therefore provide secure holdings for the material to be shredded before it is securely taken to the compound, where it will be opened only to be destroyed. The compound should instigate all of the same security precautions as the on-site service, ideally to BSIA standards. A certificate of destruction will then be provided afterwards.

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