Reviews For The Latest Bmw X5 – 2013

The third generation BMW X5 is a clear definition of the modern SUVs. It’s even bigger, stronger, better and extremely well built when compared its predecessor. It, however, has to fend off stiff competition from its close rivals like the latest Porsche cayenne, Mercedes ML and the Range Rover sport. But it remains to be one of the new SUV releases that is deemed to be a major competition, given that its designing was based on advanced monocoque, a good on-road performance, advanced formula of high-tech and scanty off-road ability that makes it a pre-requisite SUV for the modern class.

The Inside of the latest BMW X5 

The overall interior layout of the latest BMW X5 can be generally described as ‘descent’. It has standard leather seats that are very comfortable and supportive. It also has plenty of headroom for tall drivers to jack their seats up, if need be. The quality of the cabin has also been taken a notch higher, with some of the switch-gear being the same as those of the outgoing BMW X5. The interior plastics and the optional extra leather feel, makes the car to be more classy and exemplary.


Also to note, this BMW X5 model comes with the latest BMW I drive system. This system features a large-easy-to-read display and an intuitive-rotatory-dial-controller. Additionally, all BMW X5 models get the sat-nav as standard, as well as a 20 GB hard-drive for music storage. Additionally, the entry level of this model come with the entire car kit package and anything else that you might need. These includes a metallic paint, DAB radio, climate-and-cruise-controls, automatic sensors and lights, xenon head lights as well as the front and rear parking-sensors.

The engine 

At their launch, three main engines are to be expected: the 376-bhp M50 with a three stage turbo version of 3.0-litre engine, a 258 bhp 30d 3.0-litre with six cylinder and lastly, 443 bhp twin-turbo V8 4.4-litre petrol engine. All these models come with BMW’s 8-speed automatic transmission. A plug-in hybrid-model, was unveiled last month and it will be available in the market for sale in 2015.


This BMW X5 models are generally sold at a price range of $47, 500 to $64, 000. It has four diesel models and one model that uses petrol. In addition to that, they are the first models to be offered four-cylinder turbo diesel engines. The 215 bhp 25d X5 model accounts for 25% of all the X5 sales. It also comes with the four-diesel cylinder and a rear wheel drive. The models that accounts for the bulk of X5 sales is the 30d BMW X5. It actually accounts for about 60% of all the sales — especially in the UK.


When it comes to handling BMW X5, then there is nothing less to expect than a feeling of confidence. It’s one of the model that is perfectly safe and secure to drive when compared to some of its close rivals. Its new electrically assisted steering wheel is more accurate and light weighted yet inert. In extremes, the chassis rightly under-steers, but doesn’t have to do a lot after that.

As a comfortable car that is very competent with the advancement of auto-technology, BMW is still one of the car brands that will definitely make you apply for a driving licence just to enjoy driving one of their models. At the apex of their new releases, BMW X5 still remains to be one of their most preferred new releases.

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