Purity And Shielding

For those who can pick out the tiniest nuances in a recording, selecting the best speaker cables is a vital part of constructing a top of the range system. Even the mid-range offerings can become a source of discomfort for many experienced listeners who pride themselves on knowing and understanding the entire frequency response of their speakers, room and hifi. It stands to reason therefore, that only the truly top-notch options which have benefited from intensive research will be considered. It then becomes a matter of taste (except for those who are monitoring audio for studio reasons) when choosing between the various hifi speaker cables on the market.

The Prime Biamp from Jorma Design are heralded as some of the purest cables ever constructed. More information will arrive at the chosen source than any other cable. What this translates to is a range of top of the range materials used in their construction from gold and copper to walnut and transparent Teflon, each of which has been tuned to perfection. The purity of the metals involved is above reproach, coming in at 99.999999% for all materials which may pollute the signal. Even the Teflon is the purest available.

The structure of the design is Jorma Design’s attempt to create a completely natural sound that is shielded from both radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference. It is also protected against disturbing vibrations and microphonics. These cables are some of the best ever produced and have a pricetag to match, but they are built to last despite their non-heavy duty design.

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