Own House An Essential For A Single Woman

With the changing times and globalization effecting the fabric of the culture, ‘single and loving it’ seems to be the new mantra. There are numerous instances when one comes across males and females who are living alone. Some are so because of the circumstances and some by choice. The single by choice community is rapidly increasing in almost all the major metros and big cities of the country. Till few years back, this was a relatively western culture norm, but not anymore. Along with independence, a primary need raises its head, that of a house. A home where one can feel safe and relaxed. This becomes all the more important if you are a single woman.

Liberalization has brought in many pluses with it. Not only has the economy boomed with an open market, it has also resulted in opening of minds. People are more open to the idea of an independent woman. A woman who is free to work and live her life the way she wants to. This has made countless women realize their potential and come out and lead a career. This has meant that more and more women are living independently in big cities and following their careers.

The primary concern for a woman, when she comes out of her house to work or live independently, is her safety. Apart from being careful and on the alert outside, she needs that comfort and safety when she is home too. Buying an own house goes a long way in not only ensuring a safe environment, but also in cementing her position in the society as a go getter and an achiever. The comfort of owing an own house further lifts her confidence and promotes her cause of independence.

By following some easy steps like she can easily feel secure and enjoy the house which she has bought with such hard work.


  • Studying the market and knowing the rates
  • Comparing the market and keeping an eye on the quality of the construction
  • buying a house in a already populated society,
  • checking the safety standards of the society,
  • not giving her address to complete strangers,
  • not inviting relative strangers to her house,
  • interacting with the neighbors as they act as a support group
  • keeping the numbers of friends and relatives nearby on speed dial
  • by double checking and safely securing the property papers

Some may argue the point as to why a single woman should buy a house, when she can easily hire one. Buying one’s own property has far more benefits than going for a rented accommodation. The basic issue with a rented accommodation is that it is not permanent. One is always at the beck and call of the landlord to empty the house. Changing a house is a big hassle and becomes all the more difficult when you are a single woman. Finding a house and then packing and unpacking, takes a lot of energy and effort. Secondly a rented accommodation usually never is of choice. The house belongs to someone else and he does it according to his needs and choices. An own house gives the freedom of choosing a house according to your own needs and desires. Moreover, a rented accommodation never guarantees you a secure environment, which is a basic need of a single woman.

Living with a relative always has that dependency factor and you always feel that you are taking a favor from someone and are dependent upon them. You have to abide by their house rules which take away the independence factor. When a single woman buys an own house it gives her the feeling of achievement and independence and removes that dependency factor. A single woman should always try to buy an own house if possible.

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