Make The Transition To A New Career With Close Protection Courses

A career in the military is short lived compared with other professions. Soldiers and officers are pensioned off early and must find alternative careers. It can be a tough transition, but there’s plenty of guidance out there and the skills learned in a combat environment can be reworked for a variety of different roles.

For the highly skilled, ex special forces for example, a role as a bodyguard working with VIPs could be the perfect fit. High profile people face a range of risks, like terrorist attack, assassination and kidnap threats. They rely on their security team whenever they travel to keep them safe. It’s reassuring to know that security personnel of this calibre are part of their entourage.

Making a successful transition is all about the right training. Close protection courses help to hone those existing skills and adapt them for use in a different environment. Always choose a reputable and approved training provider in order to obtain the right qualifications. Government and industry approved qualifications are key to securing that dream role.

Good security training offers instruction in dealing with a range of different environments. From overtly hostile situations to a more corporate setting. The modern security operative needs to have skills that are versatile and transferable as they will be working in a variety of different environments.

Obtaining a recognised qualification and being licensed to work in the last piece of the puzzle. A three week residential course helps prepare candidates to achieve their BTEC qualification and make the transition.

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