How To Examine The Tyres Of Used Cars

Tyres of the cars can tell a lot about how it was driven and how well it was looked after. Usually the cars that have been driven for less than 300,000 kilometres will probably still be running on its original tyres. In case the car does not have the original tyres then you should inquire the seller for the reason of the change of the tyres. Also one should inspect for any uneven wearing of the tyres or for flat spots as they signify problems with the alignment of the car.

Wheel trims

To start off the inspection of the tire, one should start with the condition of the trim rings, hubcaps and the wheel covers for any signs of damage or break, any pitting or peeling on the surface of it. One should also check that balance weights is unharmed and there is not just way too much weight on any one wheel. In expensive alloy wheels one should especially take a good look for any kind of curb damage.

Thread Depth

One trick to take a look at the thread depth is to stick a coin in the tyre thread at different areas and compare them. Usually the minimum depth which is acceptable is around 1,7mm, if you are looking for a more accurate number then one should use the tread depth gauge which one can buy from any tyre or car accessory store. Like said before if there is more wear on one side of the tyre or flat spots then it can mean to be problem with the alignment of the car. One should also watch out for any kind of bulges, cracks, exposed cords or anything which can mean damage to the tyres.

Tyre Brand

One should check for the manufacturing brand of the tyres of the car. Brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin are known for having good tires. Also note down these details in case the sellers tries to swap the tires of the car before handing the car keys to you. Also lookout for mismatch of tires, since mismatched tires can be really dangerous.


Before buying the car one should check if the car has a low mileage but really worn out and used tires or even in the case of the car having low mileage buy still has a pretty new tires. Though a seller is not forbidden to change the tyres of the car, one should inquire the reason of changing of these tires or even just the wheel trims or hubcaps on the tires because though it might not make sense at that time but it can tell you a lot about the car or might even be able to help you to find out some new things about the history or any problem of the car. With these things kept in mind one should proceed on how he or she feels about the car and the tyres that come with them before just going about buying it.

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