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EasyIdeas for Christmas Tree Decoration

Holiday season is most awaited one. It is the time for fun and enjoyment but you need to be economic and take care of your pockets while spending. There are many things on which you have to spend at Christmas. If you don’t have much money to embellish Christmas tree like others, don’t worry you can make the most beautiful tree without spending much. I am going to tell you some tips for economic Christmas tree decoration.

  • Your tree is your canvas. Choose the good one. You will find many cheap trees at different stores. Get the one and make it beautiful on your own.
  • With old paperback books and sheet music craft your ornaments in flowery shapes.
  • Use hand dyed ribbons to glorify the ornaments.
  • From any local store get the silk flowers like magnolias, garden roses, and hydrangeas. Spread them on tree and use highly textured ribbon on the top of tree to give a designer look.
  • If you have an old unused white lamps make it a beautiful white tree. Remove the lamp top, paste white wooden sticks on entire length of the lamp body. They will serve as branches of the tree. Then tie blue colored paper flowers to it and sprinkle silver spray. It will become a whimsical white handmade Christmas tree.
  • To give the enchanting jewel tone to your tree, use the old lanterns dipped in gold paint as ornaments.
  • Add variety of leaves, pinecones, and artificial birds to have natural look on tree.
  • It is not necessary that you have a big Christmas tree. Sometimes the fantastic things come in tiny packages. Fold your monthly digest by molding the papers inside. Glue them together in circle. A cute mini tree is ready. Decorate it with ribbons and small baubles. Capture your Christmas tree in your camera and convert the images to canvas printing online to save your effort.
  • You don’t need to go out of the way to get something extraordinary. Use your stockings, Santa’s, and snowflakes to scatter on the tree. Use red and white Platte in ornaments.
  • Use tiny white or off-white lights to make your tree looking exquisite.
  • If you are plaid loving use your plaid dress this season. Use blues and purples this year. Fabric ribbon is easily available; tie it along the branches of the tree in form of bows. For exclusive touch add metallic ornaments of same Platte.
  • Try to match the tree ornaments with the décor of your room.
  • Use readymade ice cream cones for sweet look. Fill the cones with holiday treats, paste silvery thread on the top and hang them on your tree.
  • If you are a gardener and loves gardening shows your passion to the world. Add small water cans, birds and flowers in red and white color to decorate tree.
  • Buy readymade dough from any grocery store. Roll the dough and then cut it in different shapes like moon or stars, bake it and hang on the tree with plaid ribbon. This will give heavenly look to your tree.
  • Want to have pinecone mania? Just go for it. Paint the pinecones in silver and golden with metallic spray and give excellent texture.

These are some easy ways to have a superb Christmas tree. I hope you will enjoy decorating your lovely holiday tree.

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