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A Few Things To Consider While Choosing Gas Ducted Heating Systems For Commercial Use

As an employer, you have to make sure your employees can work comfortably during the cold winter season. By installing a gas ducted heating system at your commercial premises, you ensure all parts of the building receive gentle warmth. Thus the entire company can benefit from this energy-efficient and eco-friendly heating method.

But how do you make sure you are installing the right type of heating system in your office or commercial place? Here are a few points you should consider before investing in such solutions.

Energy Rating

When it comes to gas ducted heating systems, the main thing you should consider is the energy efficiency. Of course, you want the energy bills of your commercial space to be minimal. As such, you should carefully consider what type of solution you need and if you need to heat the entire area or individual rooms.

Heating systems generally have star ratings that tell you how energy efficient they are. Ideally, if you are looking to buy a system for a commercial setting, you should look for one with a rating of 4 stars or above.


Are you planning to heat a particular room in your commercial space, or do you need to heat the entire premises? When you need to heat larger areas, it requires some decent heating power to spread the warmth evenly and efficiently. The size of the building that needs heating will determine what type of gas ducted heating system is perfect for you.

Heating large spaces can be quite challenging, and gas heating is perfect for such purposes as it allows the heat to spread quickly while consuming relatively less energy. Your local weather and the size of the room will decide what size of heating system is perfect for your application. If fast heating is what you want, go for the biggest capacity possible. When you choose a lower capacity heater, it takes a lot more time to heat the room.

Advanced Features


Some gas ducted heating systems have advanced features like radio frequency and Wi-Fi-enabled Touch screen. When you are carrying out renovation work, it is often hard to get access from cabling. Radio frequency technology is a viable upgrade option that is not only easy to install, but also offers a couple of master controllers. Therefore, you can easily control the system from two different locations, which is an ideal solution for a large, two-storied commercial space.

A Wi-Fi touch screen lets you control the gas ducted heating from a smart app in your smartphone. You can also integrate this option into smart home controls that are activated by voice, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. If you want complete control over the commercial heating system, then this is a good option.


You need to find an experienced contractor to install the gas ducted heating system to make sure everything goes smoothly. For this, you can ask your friends and neighbours for a recommendation or check the phone directory. You should also check if the contractor has the necessary license or if they are a part of a trade group.

An experienced contractor will be familiar with the codes and regulations in regards to heating equipment installation. They should be able to conduct a heat-loss survey of your commercial building and calculate how much heat your place needs. Finally, you should ask for an estimate and make sure they are doing the job correctly.

Conclusion: Ducted heating systems add value to your commercial premises and allows your employees to work more comfortably in cold weather. If you wish to install such a heating solution, considering the factors mentioned above will surely help you in the process.